Princess Serenity by Siann on pixiv

Her eyes are beautiful here



Princess Serenity by Siann on pixiv

Her eyes are beautiful here


Sailor Moon Crystal 02- Change Me Into A Cute Doctor!



I remember the happiness before we were reborn, when the Earth was still one country and the Moon had its kingdom…but in the end, the Earth and Moon warred, and that happy time crumbled to ashes.

Sailor Moon Manga | Act 9



I go with the theory that Luna rigged those games to drop out the pens, that that’s why they’re magical items and why it perfectly matches their colors.  I’m pretty sure that A LOT of the game arcade stuff was rigged by Luna.  IF THEY CAN PUT A BASE UNDER THE CROWN ARCADE, THEY CAN RIG A GAME’S PRIZES.

And I love that Usagi’s only jealous when Ami gets a pretty pen as a prize, that she wants one, too.  It’s adorable and I’m so glad they kept her beating on the machine until it gave her one!

But the thing I love most of all.  The thing I love most in the world.

Is that Luna put that second pen in there.  You know why?  Not because Usagi was good enough to get the pen herself, because Luna knows she stinks at the game.  But because Luna knew that Ami was a genius and good with computers/hand-eye coordinated skills, and she knew that Ami would get her blue pen and then KNEW THAT USAGI WOULD THROW A TANTRUM TO GET ONE, TOO.


Fucking bless that talking cat, her life is so fucking hard sometimes, I bet.

Very sweet scene and awesome commentary.


Sailor V in Episode 1 

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1: Scenery

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I already preordered my limited edition box set! Thank you so much Viz Media for making this possible! This is an absolute dream! Again, this is Part 1 of the first season (episodes 1-23). Viz Media will be releasing all 200 episodes (yes, that includes Sailor Stars), the films, and specials!

(Not to sound like a commercial, but the prices at RightStuf are absolutely unbeatable. I was expecting to spend a lot more than that! Yay for affordable pricing!)

You can view my post introducing the new dub cast here.

Again, this is the preorder for Viz Media's rerelease of the ORIGINAL 90s Sailor Moon anime (not Sailor Moon Crystal). This is uncut which means accurate relationships, genders, etc, and the dub cast is brand new! It’s also entirely remastered! (Yay, pretty colors!)

You can watch subbed episodes of the original Sailor Moon for free now on Hulu and/or Neon Alley with two new episodes added every Monday!

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"but when i saw the rose…I remembered him!"

I always remember this part, it so badly puled at my heart strings for Usagi :(




Sailor Moon Crystal Opening - Moonlight Densetsu


Perfection 👍👌🌙🌙

Usagi & Mamoru's 1st c r y s t a l Meeting

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